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PostSubject: LuckyMonkey   Sat Jan 02, 2010 9:42 pm

Lucky Monkey.

What is your real name (optional) KELLY

- What other names you have gone by in game? I am ONE Lucky Monkey, with a Sloppy name in Steam

- How long you have been playing CSS? Three weeks, after I became housebound in a Winter Wasteland. OOPS I mean wonderland. And injured, left in the care of Magic Monkey........

- Do you have a favorite gun or map? Yep. Rats maps, and Monopoly....Magic makes me shoot with a Deagle, and I kinda like the Bullpup.
- Nice bum, where you from? Port Hardy, wanna party? I grew up in Duncan, and Magic and I live in Swan Hills with our two boys!

- How old are you? Don't ask a girl her age ! But my birthday is on Christmas Eve!!

- When and what time you usually play and how often? After our kids' bedtime, and we play until I drag Magic to bed !

- What other games do you play? LOL, What kinda games you talkin bout ?

- Do you have x-fire? If so post your x-fire I.D. (optional) Shit, I couldn't tell ya that either!! Ask Magic!

-Do you know any of the current members in the clan? Name a few if so. I'm married to Magic, Cheeky of course. I've played enough with Hopper a.k.a Los, and my little brother in-law Mystic. I haven't played enough with Blanks, and I know the REAL Sloppy .....

- Whether or not you have been a member of any other clan and if so what clan? My Irish family comes from the Black Hills of Ireland!

- Whether or not you have played on a CAL, OGL or other league team and info about your play. Dunno, you'd have to ask Magic or Cheeky! But I can tell you I suck, I've been playing stoned on T3's for a matter of days!

- Please also post a little about yourself. i.e. what are your hobbies, likes dislikes, are you single, married, etc, what's your pc set-up, favorite music, etc, etc, etc or any other info you would like to include. We just really want to get to know you.
I'm passionate about photography, married to Magic, I dislike he copied and pasted this for me to fill out diligently, like a good wifey should. We've been together for 10 looong looong very looong years, and have two boys...lol...yep ect. ect. ect. is right!! Ask Cheeky about Magic's PC set up, I don't have a mic....Magic swiped it like a monkey's with a banana! I like almost all music...well I almost like country I guess!!! Have to listen to country in Alberta!! There's nothing else I'd like to share right now, and I guess I really want to get to know you too....wtf is up with that ?!?! Who wrote this lil questionare anyway ??
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